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Protect Missouri Workers

Legislation is being introduced that will impact Missouri families who worked for corporations that knowingly poisoned workers.
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Q: Can you explain how the current law treats victims of occupational diseases today?

As early as the 1920s and 1930s, American industry discovered that radiation, asbestos, silica, benzene, lead, arsenic and other workplace toxins could cause cancer decades after workers retired. Instead of eliminating toxins and warning workers, the chemical, mining and asbestos industry chose to cover up the dangers, placing profits over people. This legislation would reward them for endangering and lying to their own employees.

Missouri workers’ compensation law currently allows people suffering from occupational diseases caused by workplace toxins such as asbestos, arsenic, or radiation to pursue lawsuits against the companies that knowingly exposed them to those toxins. The law allows victims and their families to seek relief from companies who knowingly poisoned them – and who could have prevented it – but failed to take action.