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Protect Missouri Workers

Legislation is being introduced that will impact Missouri families who worked for corporations that knowingly poisoned workers.
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Q: How would this issue be treated if the law is changed?

There is currently legislation under consideration in the Missouri state legislature to change Missouri law so that those suffering and dying from such occupational diseases would be covered only by the state’s workers’ compensation system exclusively and could not pursue their claims in court.

Workers’ compensation benefits are limited to only $799 per week, which doesn’t come close to covering medical costs for victims of cancer and other terminal diseases. This legislation would make it impossible for many of those poisoned by workplace toxins such as asbestos to recover the costs of their medical expenses.

Many of these victims die within a year of diagnosis, so they would only receive worker’s compensation benefits for a short period of time. Additionally, the families of victims are often left with expensive funeral expenses that are not covered by worker’s compensation benefits.